Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fire Engine Red

Well, where has the time gone? Summer you came and left so quickly.   Fall showed up at my door and what's this now.... with Christmas just a month away?
More importantly.... November is here- and a time to give thanks. When asked what they are most thankful for in class, one of my sweet students responds (with the cutest smile and sincerity) "You". Makes my heart beat a little faster and moves me, reminding exactly how much I love my job!  So yes, I am thankful for a wonderful job teaching kindergarten, and I am most thankful for my sweet baby Grace. Tomorrow, this precious little one turns a year old, and I can't quite believe it. With her birthday being just a week away,  I decide she MUST have a tutu... only I waited too late to get the adorable kind from internet sites. So then, I was in the mad search for a birthday tutu for her celebration day. Now the only one that sounded reasonable was FIRE ENGINE RED. I probably should have just went with it... and played up the whole firefighter thing, but NO! It had to be pink! And yes.... I did break down and make it.  Pictures will post soon of Grace sporting her frilly tutu... which she does NOT like. Oh well, maybe I can coax her into it and just get some shots real fast! Anyway, here is the tutu... which I found was extremely easy to make, and not $40 from the store. So, enjoy- and I wish your family the happiest of Thanksgivings.
Do remember to stop and tell some small impressionable person, exactly how thankful you are for your many blessings!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Rookie

I’m going to rewind a little bit. Let’s take it back 16 months or so. You see… we were “truckin” it along just fine. Our engine was full. We had our driver (that’s me!), Tim riding seat (he’s in charge), and the boys Jacob and Caleb on nozzle and hydrant. (Wait, back it up again… when I said Tim rides seat and is in charge, I only meant it a little. He only goes where the driver leads/drives him! And that’s me!!)
Anyway, there we were…Riding life out perfectly happy and content. Our engine was full. Our hearts were full. And yet, so was my belly! OH DEAR!
This is us the morning before her blessed arrival!

Nine months later we welcomed sweet little Grace Kathryn to our crew. She sure knows how to shake things up for us! Still so small- and she has us all hooked. We just can’t help it. So… now here we are back to the present. AND here is our newest and sweetest little one…

The ROOKIE on board- Grace Kathryn.

Isn't She Lovely?
Isn't She Wonderful?
We think so...

In the Beginning...

My husband has always said “If you want to find out and see what we do, then come spend a day and ride out with us.” So in case you didn’t know already, my husband is a firefighter. He runs into burning buildings when you’re supposed to be running out! Crazy? maybe… brave and noble?
YES- definitely.

We've been married for 16 years! WOW  I love him and think I’ll keep him around a while. Which brings me back to the beginning. I am starting a blog to share the goings on of our life together.

So now, you can “ride out” with us… the O’Connor Crew.

We'll keep you informed of our latest and greatest adventures!
Are you ready for the ride?